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The 7th International Conference on Through-life Engineering Services

Tuesday 6th November

Successful high technology manufacturing companies across the world are offering a range of interlinked high value products and through-life engineering services.

High value products are typically technology intensive, expensive and reliability critical requiring the services (such as maintenance, repair and overhaul) throughout the life cycle.

The Through-life Engineering Services Centre based at Cranfield University is delighted to announce the Seventh International Conference in this vital area in 2018.

Through-life Engineering Services (TES) typically now generates 50 -60% of the revenue in many companies and the opportunities for industry in the future are set to expand and become a major part of those that want to survive in the 21st Century. The service that is needed, will involve manufacturers taking more whole life service responsibilities than they have in the past as users seek to find solutions to smooth their in-year costs and reduce overheads.

The Conference will bring experts and researchers in this area together to exchange ideas and progress in delivering solutions to provide world-class capability to enable industry to deliver high value products with outstanding availability, predictability and reliability with the lowest life cycle cost.