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Through life engineering services

Through-life engineering services address the needs of high-value products and systems from initial designs all the way through to end of their life and keeps major assets like planes, ships and trains working better, for longer

Through-life Engineering Services book cover

Through-life Engineering Services

Motivation, Theory, and Practice (Decision Engineering)

Demonstrating the latest research and analysis in the area of through-life engineering services (TES), this book utilizes case studies and expert analysis from an international array of practitioners and researchers – who together represent multiple manufacturing sectors: aerospace, railway and automotive – to maximize reader insights into the field of through-life engineering services.

Advances in Through-life Engineering Services book cover

Advances in Through-life Engineering Services

(Decision Engineering)

Product Lifecycle Management (Volume 1) book cover

Product Lifecycle Management (Volume 1)

21st Century Paradigm for Product Realisation (Decision Engineering)

This third edition updates and adds to the successful second edition and gives the reader a thorough description of PLM, providing them with a full understanding of the theory and the practical skills to implement PLM within their own business environment. This new and expanded edition is fully updated to reflect the many technological and management advances made in PLM since the release of the second edition.

Product Lifecycle Management (Volume 2) book cover

Product Lifecycle Management (Volume 2)

The Devil is in the Details

This second volume moves beyond a general introduction to product lifecycle management (PLM) and its principal elements to provide a more in-depth analysis of the subjects introduced in Volume 1

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